borderlands 3 guns

BORDERLANDS 3 Has The Best Weapon Reload Animations Ever

Borderlands 3 is not the most innovative game. Or even one with a great story. Or groundbreaking graphics.

But one thing it does excel at is with guns. Specifically gun reload animations.

Borderlands has always been about guns. We play it for the bad puns, hilarious side missions, and of course the guns.

We farm bosses to get better guns and then play with those guns to get more guns.

Borderlands 3 pretty much nailed this concept. There are a billion guns for god sakes.

What I loved the most is the weapon reload animations.

You can argue all you want about how realistic weapons animations are in Call of Duty. Or how amazing the weapon sounds are in Division 2. But none compare to Borderlands 3.

All weapons in Borderlands 3 are fictional. And it’s really tough to create animations such as weapon reload for fictional guns. But this game nailed it with some amazing reload animations.

Hats off to the creative team at 2K!