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20+ Best BLACK DESERT ONLINE (BDO) Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Black Desert Online (BDO) is a massive game with tons of things to do.

So it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed when you first start the game. Believe me, I felt the same way.

I had to go through hours of watching YouTube guides and reading Wiki guides to get a decent understanding of the game. And now I play the game every day, totally addicted to it.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend days looking up Wiki guides to learn the basics of the game or enjoy its content. Just take note of these tips and tricks.

These are some of the things that I wish I knew when I first started playing Black Desert Online. I’m sure you’ll find them useful.

1. Create A Season Character

bdo season character

Black Desert Online runs seasons that last 3 months. During a season, you get to create a Season character and play on a special season server.

When playing on a season server, you get lots of XP buffs, tons of free resources, and more free stuff from a battle pass-style system.

If you’re getting started in BDO or returning player, a season server is a great place to start the game and level up your character super fast.

Seasons are usually active in the game all the time. If you started playing during an off-season period, don’t worry. You can still create a normal character and enjoy the game.

2. Follow The Story

When playing on a season server, you get the option to skip the main questline and just get straight to leveling the character.

I strongly recommend that you follow the story and at least complete the main quests. These quests give you tons of XP and free resources like inventory slots that are quite useful.

3. Don’t Try To Do Everything

There are thousands of quests and many different activities you can do in BDO. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything.

In the beginning, just focus on completing the main quests, leveling your character, and getting to the endgame.

Once you reach the endgame, you can decide which activities you want to play.

4. Play A Class You Enjoy

bdo class

One of the most common questions most beginners ask is which class is best in BDO.

There is no right answer to this question because it depends on your playstyle and how you want to play the game.

If you’re a solo player who enjoys PVE content, Guardian and Lahn are both good classes you can start with. Nova is also a fun class to play.

Then again, you should play with a class that you think is best. Almost all of the classes in BDO are strong, so you’ll enjoy the game no matter which class you pick.

5. Focus On Reaching Level 56

Each class in BDO has two specializations called Awakening and Succession. You get to unlock them after reaching Level 56. They let you choose from more great skills and builds.

So your main goal in the game is to reach level 56. And then you can get to level 61, gradually. It’s going to be a slow grind so find ways to enjoy it.

6. Awakening vs Succession

bdo awakening

As mentioned earlier, each class has Awakening and Succession specializations that unlock new abilities. And you can only choose one specialization to play at a time.

Depending on the class you play, choosing the right specialization is important. And this really depends on how you want to build your character.

For example, if you’re playing as Lahn or Guardian and you only play PVE content, Awakening is the best path you can take.

For other classes, this differs. Use online guides and Wikis to see what’s the best path for your class.

7. Getting More Powerful (AP & DP)

bdo ap and dp

As you level up in the game, you should also level up your gear.

When completing the main campaign, you will receive some free gear. So don’t worry about buying gear.

Keep an eye on the AP (Attack Power) and DP (Defence Power) levels in your equipment tab. This shows how powerful your character is.

Each area on the map has enemies with different power levels. You can only take on enemies at or below your power level.

8. Upgrade Your Naru Gear

Naru gear is like the first starter gear set you get. You can obtain them by completing the main quests in BDO.

Upgrade these gear as soon as you can. You’ll need Beginner Black Stones for armor and weapons to upgrade Naru gear. They can be obtained by progressing the game and completing the main quests from Black Spirit.

9. Free Boss-Level Gear Set

You’ll need more powerful gear to beat enemies as you level up and those Naru gear won’t be enough.

You can exchange your Naru gear for a more powerful Boss-level gear set for free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upgrade your Naru gear to PEN state
  2. Accept the [Special Aid] Fughar’s Letter from Black Spirit
  3. Visit Fugar, he can be found near any Stable in a city
  4. Talk to Fugar and exchange your Naru gear for Narchillan gear

You’ll need to be at least level 56 to get this quest.

10. Top Items To Keep

There are way too many different types of items in BDO. Even I have a hard time keeping track and knowing which resources are which.

So forget about hoarding all the resources. Because you only have very limited inventory space and storage space in the game. Just try to keep these items:

  • Black Stones
  • Advice of Valks
  • Memory Fragments
  • Crown Stones
  • Fruit Juices
  • EXP coupons

There are many other useful resources that you should try to keep. But if you have no other choice, keep these items and sell the other items.

11. Sell Trash Loot To Vendors

When you defeat mobs of enemies, you will collect some random loot. These loots are useless so they are known as trash loot.

The only thing you can do is to sell them to vendors. Or you can exchange them for gold bars.

Either way, there’s usually good money in trash loot. Don’t destroy them.

12. Buy & Sell On Central Marketplace

bdo market

If you have any extra gear, weapons, or items that you don’t need, you can sell them on the Central Marketplace.

Click on the Marketplace icon on the top-right corner when you’re in a city to locate the marketplace vendor. Through the vendor, you can buy and sell items.

Central Marketplace has a player-based economy. Items your sell and buy are all within the players.

It’s a good way to earn some money or upgrade your gear.

13. Use Buffs To Level Up

Remember to use EXP coupons when leveling your character.

You will receive a free EXP buff as a login reward every day, grab the 200% buff coupon.

14. Get A Horse Early

bdo horse

Get yourself a horse as soon as you can.

You can get one from a Stablekeeper, you can find one in any city. Buy a horse emblem from the stablekeeper and register a horse.

Having a horse lets you train and level up your life skills. And it’s a much faster way to get around the map.

15. Remember To Repair Your Gear

Your active gear can wear out and break. So check your gear often and repair them before breaking.

You can repair gear by visiting a blacksmith in any city.

16. Get Pets & Maids

bdo maid

Pets are quite useful. They help you by picking up the trash loot from defeated enemies. You’ll get about 3 pets for free for completing quests. Or you can buy better pets from the Pearl Shop.

Maids allow you to access the Central Marketplace and City Storages from anywhere on the map. Imagine running out of inventory space while beating a mob. Then you can call a maid to send some of your loot to a city storage.

Some special events will give maids for free. If not you’ll have to buy them from the cash shop.

17. What To Do In Endgame

Some folks complain that BDO doesn’t have an endgame. That’s quite the contrary.

There’s tons of stuff you can do in BDO after reaching endgame.

You can:

  • Complete thousands of quests
  • Explore the massive map
  • Go sailing in the seas
  • Grind more levels for better gear
  • Lifeskilling
  • Defeat bosses
  • Do Dungeons
  • Get into PVP
  • Try a different class
  • And a whole lot more

18. Pick A Lifeskill

bdo lifeskill

Lifeskilling is the most popular endgame activity in BDO. After reaching endgame, you can pick a life skill you like and focus on leveling in that life skill.

For example, you can:

  • Fish
  • Farm
  • Hunt
  • Gather resources
  • Cook

Leveling in each life skill, lets you gather better resources and then sell them for profit. You can earn billions by lifeskilling to buy more expensive stuff from the marketplace.

19. AFK Life Skilling

There are some life skills in BDO, like fishing, that you can do without having to play the game.

You can setup your character to fish at a good spot and minimize the game. Then your character will level up even while you’re away.

20. Free Pearl Shop Items

bdo loyalties

Pearl Shop is the premium cash shop in BDO where you can buy stuff with real money. But there is some free stuff in there as well.

When you login each day, you will receive a currency called Loyalty Points. If you collect enough Loyalty Points, you can go to the Loyalties tab in the Pearl Shop to buy useful items using your Loyalty Points.

Items like the Value Pack are quite useful as it gives you buffs and let you customize your character appearance.

21. Relax & Enjoy The Grind

BDO is a marathon, not a sprint. So don’t try to rush the game.

Relax, explore, and enjoy the game. There are so many ways you can enjoy this game so find an activity you like and have fun doing it.

22. Follow EvilDoUsHarm

Last but not least, I want to mention a YouTuber that covers BDO quite extensively.

EvilDoUsHarm has some great guides and tips videos that are essential for learning everything about BDO.

Watch his videos if you want to learn more about the game. Or if you run into a wall, check his guides. His channel has it all.