Stardew valley how to feed chicken

Stardew Valley: How To Feed Chicken (Step By Step)

Taking care of your farm animals is one of the many things you have to do in Stardew Valley.

When it comes to maintaining your farm, you also have to feed your animals. But how exactly do you feed animals? And What do you feed them?

In this quick guide, I’ll show you how to feed chickens and what to feed them.

How to Start Farming

Before you start a farm and have animals, you need to build a silo.

need a silo

A silo is a building that you can build to store food for animals. A silo can be made if you meet Robin, the carpenter, who lives near the mines. If you have 100g with 100 stones, 10 clay, and 5 copper bars, you can meet Robin and ask her about building a silo.

When you placed the order, she will come to your farm the next day and build the silo. It will take two days to complete the silo.  At the end of the process, you can store hay for your animals in the silo.

How to Build a Coop

build a coop

After building a silo, you can make a barn or coop for your animals.

Here, you can build coops and barns for your animals.

A barn is a house for animals such as cows, ostrich, goats, sheep, pigs, etc. but since we are talking about chickens, you need to focus on coops.

If you need to make animals like chickens, void chickens, golden chickens, ducks, rabbits, and dinosaurs, you need to build a coop.

Initially, you can build a coop when you meet Robin with 4000g, 300 wood, and 100 stones. It will take 3 days to complete the coop and after that, you can buy chickens.

If you upgrade the coop, you can unlock more animals.

How to Buy Chicken

Now, your coop is ready for chickens. Then what you need to do is to meet Marnie. Marnie’s ranch is situated in the northeast area of the cindersap forest.

You can meet Marnie between 9.00 am- 4.00 pm. Then, you can buy chickens per 800g.

Also, you can hatch chickens by using an incubator which can hatch eggs to baby chickens and ducks. The incubator will receive you once you upgraded your coop into a big coop and deluxe coop.

It will take 5 days 16 hours and 40 minutes to incubate and if you are a coop master profession, which means befriending the animals quickly, the time will be reduced to incubate (2d 21h 40m)

How to Feed Chicken

feed chicken

The only way to feed your chickens is to provide them with hay.

You can easily find hay by cutting the grass of your farm using a scythe. The harvested hay will automatically be stored in your silo. If it is not you can drag and drop them into the silo building from your inventory

Also when you planted wheat seeds in your farm during summer and fall, you can also harvest hay.

Thirdly, you can buy hay from Marnie for 50g per one.

Once you stored hay in the silo, you can take them by the hay hopper situated in your coop and place the hay on the feeding bench.

Also, after you upgraded your coop to a deluxe coop, this process will be done automatically.

During the winter, you can not produce wheat or cut grass to make hay. What you need to do is to collect hay as much as possible before the winter.

How to Be Friend with Chickens

You need to be friends with your chickens to get eggs every day or to get large eggs.

You can pet them or have their food every day will increase the hearts and the friendship.

In Conclusion,

As you can see, feeding chicken is very is in Stardew Valley. This will increase the hearts and the eggs they produce.