outriders post lauch

Square Enix Outlines Post-Launch Updates For OUTRIDERS

With just a week away from the highly-anticipated launch, Square Enix has provided us with some details on how they’ll treat Outrider after it’s released.

Following the success of the free demo, Outriders is now well-polished and ready to head out.

Here are some of the details that will make you even happier.

A Few Patches Beyond Day-1

A few post-launch patches are planned for Outriders following a day-one patch.

These patches will focus on improving the game loading times, co-op performance improvements, and crossplay features.

Demo Success

The free demo for the game was a huge success and it has helped the devs to make huge improvements to the game. As well as fix a lot of bugs before the game is released.

I really love this approach to game releases as it helps the devs to release the full game after more polishing. And avoid a Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco.

No Cheating

Square Enix has outlined that a small number of players have been cheating during the demo. Of all the 2 million people who played the demo, only 200 were caught cheating.

The devs state that they have zero tolerance towards cheaters and will take precautions to prevent them.

Cheaters will face longer matchmaking and risk getting all your characters and loot being deleted forever.

Pre-Load Times

Console players will be lucky to play the game first as Outriders will be released on consoles on 1st April at midnight. For PC, it’ll be at 09:00 am¬†PDT.

Preloading on Xbox is available right now. For PlayStation, pre-loading will begin 48 prior to release. Sadly, no estimated pre-load time is available for PC as of yet.

You can read more details about this dev update on the r/Outriders subreddit.