Gothic Remake To Feature An In-Game Store

It’s been two full decades since the release of the original Gothic game. And it’s still one of the best RPGs ever made.

The good news is you’ll get to experience the game in next-gen goodness very soon as THQ Nordic is working on a complete remake of Gothic 1.

The latest development update reveals that the game will be a complete overhaul of the original, not just a pretty graphics makeover.

Gothic Remake will also feature an in-game store, much like the ones in Assassin’s Creed, where you can buy boosters and gear bundles using real money.

Gothic remake Shop

I know, everyone hates microtransactions, but this goes to show how serious the developers are of this remake. In my point of view, the more money they make, more content they’ll develop for the game.

“With the Gothic Remake, we do not simply want to make the old Gothic look shiny, we want to fully adopt the game and bring it up to 2021 standards (and probably beyond). We are all big fans of open-world RPGs in general and in almost all of them is a shop for the modern player: Hard working in real life, earning a lot of money but having no time to spend it. For these kind of people, we offer THE perfect solution!”, says Reinhard Pollice from THQ Nordic.

There’s still no release date set for the remake but it will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles.