no mans sky how to get pets

NO MAN’s SKY: How To Adopt Pets & Ride Animals

A new free update called Companions introduced pet adoption in No Man’s Sky and I haven’t been able to stop playing it since.

Now you can tame and adopt animals as pets in the game. And they will follow you around everywhere you go.

Wondering how to get a pet in No Man’s Sky? It’s easy. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Get Some Creature Pellets

You need to feed an animal before adopting it. So you’ll need some bait.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 1

Place your Nutrients Processor on the ground and convert some of your Carbon into Creature Pellets.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 2

Nutrient Processor can be found under Portable Technology category.

Step 2: Feed An Animal

Go look for a cute animal and approach it. Once you get near enough, you’ll get the option to feed it. Go ahead and feed it some pellets.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 3

Now you’ve tamed the animal and it will give you several options.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 4

You can now adopt the animal. Or even ride it around.

Step 3: Customize Your Pet

After adopting a pet, you can customize it with armor and gear. You can even train them to find resources and stuff. And, they will even lay eggs that you can trade with other players.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 6

Simply approach your pet and press the E key on the PC keyboard or action key on console to get to the pet menu.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 5

From here you’ll be able to pet it, feed it, and customize the looks.

Step 4: How To Summon Pets

You can have up to 6 different pets in the game.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 7

To summon them, simply go to the quick launch menu by pressing X on the keyboard. You’ll now see a new Pets menu. Go to it to summon your pet.

no mans sky how to adopt pets 8

From here you can also give commands to your pet to follow you or go to a location.

If you adopt baby animals, they will even grow up alongside you and you can train them tricks as well.

This is, without a doubt, the most adorable update to ever arrive in No Man’s Sky. I’m already in love with my pets. They’re so cute.