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MAGIC: LEGENDS Trailer & Gameplay, PC Beta Begins March 23

Magic: Legends, an online ARPG inspired by the popular Magic The Gathering franchise is on its way to PC and consoles.

Epic Games Store will host the PC version of the game with Beta version landing on PC on March 23, 2021, for FREE!

These details were announced during the Epic Games showcase.

As a fan of ARPGs, I’m excited for this one even though I have zero experience and knowledge in the Magic Multiverse.

This game will share a lot of the aspects from the Magic Multiverse, including a strong deck-building aspect.

In Magic: Legends, you will be acquiring Spell cards as rewards for completing missions and then upgrading them through gameplay. Similar to how you unlock skills through Skill Trees in other RPGs.

This was showcased in the official Deckbuilding 101 trailer.

From the trailers alone you can see this game will surely be an addictive ARPG to get your hands on. The fact that it’s free makes things even better.

There’s still no word on when the final version of the game will arrive for consoles. If you have a PC, mark March 23rd on your calendars.