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Is ALBION ONLINE Worth Playing In 2022?

If you’re tired of playing Runescape or looking for a new MMO to get addicted to, Albion Online could be the game for you.

I felt the same way a while back. I was looking for a good MMO to get into and decided to try Albion Online.

Was it good? Well, it’s not bad. Is it worth playing? Yes, you should at least give it a go. It’s free to play, after all.

In this quick guide, I share my experience of playing Albion Online. Keep reading and find out if this game is for you.

What Is Albion Online?

albion online

Albion Online is a fantasy MMORPG that features a sandbox gameplay environment where the game runs entirely on a player economy.

This means everything in the game is sold and purchased by players using the in-game currency.

Albion Online also has a classless character system where you can be your own hero.

You can start playing the game as a sword-wielding knight and later switch to being an archer.

The game has a flexible skill tree where you can progress any class you want and switch between them however you like.

albion online choose your path

You can also choose any path you want to play the game. You can be a gatherer who mines and farms stuff to earn gold through the marketplace. Or you can be a warrior who battles monsters.

Whichever path you prefer, Albion Online provides the freedom you need to play the game however you like.

Albion Online vs Runescape

Albion Online often gets compared to Runescape.

Clearly, the game is inspired by the classic MMORPG that ruined some people’s lives.

For some reason, I couldn’t really get into Runescape. Maybe it’s the outdated graphics or the clunky gameplay, but I didn’t spend much time in Runescape.

albion online vs runescape

But, I still play Albion Online from time to time. This game doesn’t take itself too seriously and has satisfying gameplay mechanics that makes me feel like playing a modern game.

Runescape is much more advanced than Albion Online in many ways. And it’s ideal for advanced players with MMO experience.

If you’re looking for a lightweight game to sink a few hours every day, Albion Online is for you.

Seamlessly Jump From PC to Mobile

One of the main reasons I enjoy playing Albion Online is because of its cross-platform and cross-save options.

I can play the game on PC and then switch over to playing on my phone, continuing the game right where I left off on PC.

albion online mobile

This gave me a game to play while I’m away from PC. It was the perfect escape while I’m traveling on the bus or waiting in queues.

For that reason alone, I mostly play the game on mobile. But I play on PC from time to time as well.

Is Albion Online Pay To Win?

Albion Online is a sandbox MMO with a player-run economy. So how does it make money?

The game uses several methods of monetization, like selling cosmetics and a premium subscription where you earn 50% more silver from killing enemies. As well as boosts to farming resources and reduced market tax.

albion online premium

These mechanics can be considered as pay-to-win elements. But in my experience, they didn’t affect my gameplay or enjoyment.

I don’t care if another player is able to farm more iron from a node because he has Premium. I’m fine with spending an extra 30 seconds to farm the same amount.

Besides, if you really care about the premium experience, you can actually earn it by playing the game.

It will take a lot of grinding, but you can actually buy the Premium subscription by earning enough in-game currency.

Is The Game Still Alive?

Albion Online had a rocky launch in 2017 but since the game arrived on Steam and with the recent mobile version, the MMO is booming with new players.

albion online steam chart

Albion Online sees over 5K daily players on average on Steam alone. You can expect the numbers to be even higher when counting the mobile players and the players from the game client app.

albion online population

Whenever you visit a town in the game, you can see how alive this game really is. You can barely interact with NPCs in the game.

Should You Play Albion Online?

Having said all of this, Albion Online is not a game for everyone.

It doesn’t have a story campaign or a solid gameplay loop for you to follow. You simply make your own game with it depending on your play style.

I admit I’ve often felt bored while playing the game. But I kept going back to play the game when I have some time to kill, especially on mobile.

I highly recommend giving the game a try since it’s free to play. It’s especially great for playing on the go on mobile.

If you do decide to try the game, use this link to create your account. I get a free cosmetic for referring a friend. You can do it too.