In Metamorphosis, You Play As A Tiny Man-Bug [Video]

If you’ve ever seen the Honey I Shrunk The Kids movie, then you can definitely get an idea of what this new game will be like.

Metamorphosis is pretty much like that movie. Except you’ll be playing as a man-bug. That’s right! A man who’s been morphed into a bug.

You see the world in his man-bug’s first-person view. And you have to use your sticky hands to crawl around the gigantic world of the humans. You get to do fun stuff like wall climb, parkour, solve puzzles and lots more too.

This game actually looks super fun. And gives us a fresh new perspective of the world we live in. It’ll be a whole new kind of a game to try out.

Check out the CGI trailer below to get an idea of how this game will look like.

About Metamorphosis

Play as Gregor, a man who has morphed into a tiny bug, and set out on an extraordinary journey to unravel the mystery of your transformation. Metamorphosis is a first person adventure based in a surrealist world where your newfound abilities are your last and only hope for redemption.

Metamorphosis will be available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Summer 2020.