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Is GTA 5 Online Worth Playing in 2021?

Even though the game came out many moons ago, GTA 5 is still one of the top-selling games in the world. But, is it worth playing right now? I decided to find out.

I played GTA 5 single-player campaign many years ago but never tried GTA 5 Online.

So since I recently got an unlimited internet plan, I decided to try this game out and see what the fuss is all about.

If you’re wondering whether GTA 5 Online is worth playing, maybe my experience will help you make a decision. Let’s get to it.

The Problem With GTA 5 Online Endgame

The beginning of the Online mode is exciting. Creating a new character, getting jobs, doing missions with other people, it’s fun.

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But before long, I started to realize the emptiness of GTA 5 Online and its biggest issue. GTA 5 Online doesn’t have an endgame loop.

Usually, when you play an MMO, the endgame is mainly about collecting gear sets, legendaries, and playing around with different skill builds. GTA Online doesn’t have any of that.

The core gameplay of GTA 5 Online is basically this:

  1. Do missions to earn money
  2. Use the money to buy businesses that help you earn money faster
  3. Then use that money to buy helicopters and submarines to do Heists
  4. Keep grinding the heists to earn more money

And that’s it! At the end of the game, you will have earned millions of in-game money, but with nothing to do.

Sure you can buy shiny cars and yachts. But what happens after you get them? Nothing.

This is basically why you see players in public sessions running around killing each other because there’s nothing else to do once you finish the heists.

Once I realized this, I couldn’t continue to play the game. Because, as a fan of fantasy RPGs and MMOs, it’s not fun for me.

Public vs Invite Only Sessions

The other problem with GTA 5 Online right now is the struggle of surviving in public sessions.

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You’ll be lucky if you can survive 10 minutes without getting killed by a random high-level player on a public server.

Luckily, there’s a way you can enjoy the game without having to worry about that.

If you launch the game directly into Story Mode and then start Online mode in an Invite Only session, you can play the missions without getting killed by randoms.

Invite Only mode allows you to play basically all of the missions, except for the missions related to Businesses.

Is It Solo-Friendly?

GTA 5 Online is better played with a team. In fact, the game even rewards you when you play as a team.

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You can easily matchmake for missions with randoms. And that’s what I did. I was able to finish missions with randoms without having to speak a word.

Also, GTA 5 Online is now very solo-friendly as well. The game recently added a new heist mission that you can complete entirely by yourself.

Playerbase Is Still Growing

It baffles me that GTA 5 Online is one of the top 10 most-played games in the world right now.

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The game ranks in the top 10 on Steam Charts with an average of 80K daily active players.

Missions, Activities, & Heists

There are lots of missions and fun multiplayer activities you can do in GTA 5 Online.

I actually played a game mode where players get into a Tron-like game where we kill each other with the trails coming out at the end of our bikes. That was fun.

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But when considering the endgame, I just didn’t think it’s worth grinding the missions and heists just to hoard millions of money that you can do nothing with.

Having said that, it’s just my personal experience. You should experience the game for yourself.

More than 80K people enjoy it daily so maybe there’s something I’m missing here. If you like casual MMOs without complex skill builds and quests, you’ll probably enjoy GTA Online more than I have.

If you have a different experience in this game, feel free to drop a comment and share it.