the first descendant how to unlock bunny

The FIRST DESCENDANT: How To Unlock Bunny (Step by Step)

Bunny is the first character you can unlock in The FIRST DESCENDANT.

In this quick guide, I will show you how to unlock this character, for free!

Bunny is one of the most powerful characters in the game and unlocking her is part of the main campaign. It will be a side-quest that teaches you how to craft characters, or Descendants, in the game for free.

To craft Bunny, you first need to gather the necessary components by completing some of the missions in the Kingston region. It’s actually quite easy. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Progress In The Main Campaign

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First, you need to progress through the main campaign a bit until you reach the Kingston region. It’s the first region you unlock in the game.

After that, you make sure to do all of the missions in this region to collect all of the components required to build Bunny.

Once you complete that step, you will activate a side quest called “Obtain Bunny Suit Advanced Materials”.

Step 2: Defeat the Grave Walker

By the time you activate the Obtain Bunny Suit Advanced Materials mission, you will also meet Seneca, who is in charge of Void Intercept Battles.

the first descendant unlock bunny 1

To complete the Obtain Bunny Suit Advanced Materials mission, you need to defeat the Grave Walker, the first Void Intercept Battle you face. Don’t worry, it’s a relatively easy boss when you team up with a squad.

the first descendant unlock bunny 2

After defeating this boss, you will get to collect a reward. This is the most important step so pay attention.

Step 3: Choose the Right Reward

When you are prompted to collect a reward for defeating the boss, make sure to choose the option that includes the “Bunny” material. It’s the component required to build Bunny.

the first descendant unlock bunny 4

I made the mistake of choosing a different material in my first boss run and I ended up having to do two more rounds to get the Bunny material.

Simply hover over each reward item until you see the item with the name “Bunny” in it. Then grab it!

the first descendant unlock bunny 5

This boss drops this material randomly so if you don’t get it in the first round, you’ll have to do it again.

Step 4: Craft Bunny

After gathering all the components, you can head over to visit Anais in Albion to craft Bunny.

the first descendant unlock bunny 6

Make sure that you also have 400,000 gold as well.

Go to her and start the crafting process. It will take about a minute to complete. After that, you can claim Bunny from Anais.

the first descendant unlock bunny 8

Step 5: How to Equip Bunny

After crafting Bunny, you can equip her in your Decendant’s menu.

the first descendant bunny

Go to your Inventory and switch over to the Descendant’s menu to choose Bunny and click the equip button.

That’s it!

In Conclusion

This is the same process you have to follow to unlock other characters in the First Descendant. You simply defeat bosses to gather the materials and craft them.

Sometimes the boss will drop the materials and sometimes you’ll have to do it again. It’s a grind, just like in Warframe.