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Elder Scrolls Online 2023 Roadmap Looks Exciting

Elder Scrolls Online’s latest expansion, Necrom is releasing in Summer 2023. Or June 7th to be exact.

With this update, comes a lot of new improvements and updates to ESO, including updates to the base game and other expansions.

Even the combat systems are getting enhanced.

Zenimax Online recently revealed the 2023 content roadmap for ESO highlighting the key changes coming to the game this year.

Before Necrom, you will get a base game update on March 13th. It includes 3 new item sets, housing quality of life improvements, and more.

In June, you will see the release of Necrom with its brand-new class. There will be an update to this base game with this release, it will include an improved combat system.

Zenimax also announced a new endless dungeons game mode for ESO. It will be released later this year in Winter.

Check out the infographic below for more details.

elder scrolls online roadmap