how to get dream shards

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Dream Shards

When you go through Disney Dreamlight Valley, you need to gather various types of materials. These materials are very important for crafting, fulfilling quests, and gifting.

Among them, Dream Shards are probably the most important resource.

Finding Dream Shards is very easy in the game. This quick guide will show you how to find dream shards and how to get them more.

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What To Do With Dream Shards

Uses of Dream Shards

Even though Dream Shards are small and common, it doesn’t mean that it is worthless. You need Dream Shards for various purposes.

If you have Dream Shards, you can use them to craft Dreamlight. These Dreamlights are very important to unlock many realms and biomes. You can use 10 Dream Shards to craft 250 Dreamlights.

Also, Dream Shards can be used to craft Purified Night Shards. You need 5 Night Shards and 1 dream shard to craft a purified night shard.

You can gift dream shards to your villagers if it is their favorite gift.

How To Get Dream Shards

Then, Let’s see how to get Dream Shards. Here are the ways you need to focus on.

1. Dig Glowing Spots On The Land

Dig Glittering Spots

The happiest news for all Dreamers is, You can find Dream Shards everywhere, regardless of biomes. If you see a glowing spot on the land, use your shovel and dig the place. You have a higher chance to get dream shards.

2. Removing Night Thrones

Remove Night Thrones 2

Removing night thrones using your magic power can help you to get more things like coins, packets of seeds, and Dream Shards.

Remove all the night thrones in every biome and you can find many Dream Shards.

Night thrones appear again and again, with 10 new night thrones each day, which means you can get some more Dream Shards.

To remove night thrones, you need to get closer to them. Then you will have an option as “Remove” and you need to click the “E” button.

3. Feeding Favourite Foods To Critters

Feed Critters 2

Critters mean the small animals that appear in every biome.

You can find different types of critters in each biome. For example, you can find squirrels in Plaza, Sun Birds in Sunlit Plateau, and many more.

The time they are moving and the way you need to interact with them is different. Some of the critters are very difficult to interact with. You need to follow some special techniques to interact with them.

On the other hand, the favorite foods of those critters are different. If you give them their favorite foods, there is a chance they left you Dream Shards. In order to know their schedule, location, and favorite foods, check this article.

How To Get More Dream Shards

If you need to gather more Dream Shards, you have one option.

That is to hang out with your digging companion. Once you reach friendship level 3 of a character, you can select a skill to make that character a companion.

For example, you can make Scar your Digging companion. Once you hang out with Scar, which means you can go digging with Scar, you can get two resources at once. In this case, you can get two Dream Shards at once, when you dig a glowing spot.

To hang out with your companion, have a little discussion by clicking on “E” and selecting “ask to Hangout”. Then the character will follow you.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Dream Shards hunting is a pretty easy task. Gather as much as you can and store them in a chest. You will need them later so collect them in your spare time.