The DIVISION 2 Tips: Which Perks To Unlock First

If you’re new to Division 2 and wondering which Perks to unlock first, this guide is for you.

Perks are a great way to get an extra edge in the game. And also for leveling up fast.

Here’s a quick overview of the skills that I’ve unlocked very early in the game.

Extra XP Boosts

division 2 tips - perks 2

Unlock the first three tiers of this perk before anything else. This will help you earn extra XP for every headshot, multi-kills, and more. It’s one of the best ways to level up fast.

Upgrade Backpack

division 2 tips - perks 4

You’ll come across lots of loot throughout Division 2. You’ll need a bigger backpack to carry all that loot. Make sure to upgrade it to max.

Extra Armor Repair Kits

division 2 tips - perks 1

Make sure to max this perk to carry more armor repair kits.

Auto Ammo and Grenade Refill

division 2 tips - perks 5

When this perk is active your ammo will be automatically refilled every time you go to a safe house or the headquarters. This will help you avoid going into battle without ammo.

Carry More Grenades

division 2 tips - perks 3

Grenades are the best way to take down multiple enemies in one shot. With this perk, you can carry more grenades.

These are the most important Perks to unlock first. Feel free to unlock other perks as you prefer. A good place to start is by increasing the amount of materials/provisions you can carry.