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PALIA: How To Fish (Beginner Guide)

If you are a beginner in Palia, fishing is one of the best ways to earn extra money.

Not to mention, you can use fish to cook meals, sell, or gift for others too.

In this quick guide, I will show you how to fish in Palia.

Let’s get started.

How To Unlock Fishing Skill


So, how can you unlock your fishing skills? Once you complete the basic tutorials of the game, you will meet Auni at your housing plot. After the conversation, you will receive an mail from Einar. This mail contains the makeshift rod, which is the basic tool for fishing.

After that, you need to meet Einar at the fisherman’s lagoon. He will teach you all about fishing. Finally, you are fully equipped with the knowledge of fishing.

How To Find Fish

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Now you have a makeshift rod. Then where are the fish?

Let me give you some advice. First of all, explore the map completely. There are many water bodies around the map. You need to be familiar with those places.

For example, you need to visit ponds, Bahari Bay Caves, Bahari Bay coast, Bahari Bay Rivers, Kilima lake, and Kilima village river. These water bodies have different types of fish.

Also, there are common, uncommon, rare, and epic types of fish. Plus, you can catch star-quality fish if you target ripples in the water.

Some fish appear in different types of time, like in Stardew Valley. For example, you can catch Barracuda during the evening and night at Bahari Bay coast. Also, you need some special bait to catch fish. You need worms as bait to catch Albino Eel and glow worms to catch Bahari pike.

Types of Baits


As I said earlier, some fish need bait to catch. There are two types of baits, which are worms and glow worms.

Certainly, you can purchase worms from Einar. Glow worms can be purchased late in the game.

Apart from that, some fish like Bahari Bass and Calico koi don’t require any bait.

How To Fish

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Now, you have a fishing rod, baits, and everything to start fishing. But, how to fish? Let me tell you how.

Once you reach a water body, you can fish. Basically, there are some fishing signs in front of any water body. Try to fish in those areas.

First, equip your fishing rod by clicking R. Then you need to cast the rod into the water by clicking the left-click. Cast as far as possible. Wait until a sound comes.

When a fish bites the bobber, you will hear a sound, probably 2-3 times. Then click the left-click to get the fish out.

Here, you will see two green color brackets (). You need to keep the bobber between these two brackets. Your fish will try to go off the brackets. If your fish do that, then stop the reeling and try to take the fish between the brackets by moving your mouse left and right.

Finally, you will have a fish in your hand.

How To Upgrade Fishing Rod

Once you get familiar with the makeshift rod, you will see how limited is it. But don’t worry. There are some cool fishing rods.

You can upgrade your makeshift rod into a standard rod, a fine rod, and an exquisite rod. You can get the relevant recipe from Einar and craft the rod in a worktable.

In Conclusion,

Fishing in Palia is not very easy at the beginning. But once you get familiar with that, it’s cool. Try this method and you can level up your fishing skills as well as your income. Happy Fishing!