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PALIA: Best Crops To Farm To Make Lots Of Money

Apple, Potato, and Cotton are some of the best crops you can farm to make lots of money in Palia.

But those are only a few of the many great crops in the game.

In this guide, I will show you how to pick the right crops to farm in Palia. And I will walk you through the process of how to start farming as well.

Let’s get started.

How To Farm

In Palia, you can’t start farming right away.  You need to make some progress first. Here’s the to-do list.

1.   Meet Badruu


Before you cultivate anything in Palia, you need to know about the basics of gardening.

During the “Welcome To Palia” quest, you should fulfill some activities and get your basic tools such as a makeshift bow, makeshift rod, and makeshift belt.

However, you need to meet Badruu the farmer of the village from the quest “Learning the Ropes” to learn about gardening.

Once you meet Badruu at your housing plot, he will give you 2 soil and a makeshift hoe. These are very important to start gardening.

2.   Make The Land

make the land

After that, you can place the soil on your land.

First, you need to check your action bar on the bottom of the right side. Then you can see the 2 soil appears in separate boxes with numbers. If it’s in the 8th box, you need to press 8 key. Then the box will highlight.

Then aim for the place where you need to place the soil. After that press the left click. Then the soil will placed.

Then take the hoe by clicking R. Till the ground in Palia is a little bit different from other farming games like Stardew Valley. To till the soil, you need to press the left click and move here and there. Then you can see a square-shaped area is tilled.

3.   Plant The Seeds

plant seeds

The next thing is planting the seeds. You will receive 4 carrot seeds and 4 onion seeds from Badruu during the conversation. You can place the seeds on the tilled area just like you placed the soil on the land earlier.

If you need to buy some other seeds, go and check in the general store.

general store

Apart from that, if you reach level 3 of gardening skills, you can get the recipe of the seed collector from Badruu. Seeds collectors are very important to get seeds by inserting harvested crops, for FREE OF CHARGE.

4.   Watering


After that take your watering can by pressing R. You can fill the watering can by the nearest water pond by pressing the right click. Then go to the place where you planted the seed. After that, you need to water the seeds by long pressing the left click.

You can see if your poor plants are dehydrated. When you check your plants, if there is an empty bow from the above of the plant, then you need to give some water.

There are 3 ways to hydrate your plants. First, you can use your watering can. Secondly, you can plant some crops that provide water to the other crops nearby. For example, potatoes and tomatoes can hydrate nearby crops. Thirdly, you can purchase Hydropro fertilizers from the General store.

5.   Harvesting

Usually, it takes 3- 5 days to take the harvest. Check it daily if it needs water or to remove weeds. After that, you can harvest your crops.

Best Crops


Now you know all the details about farming in Palia. Then, what do you need to purchase?

Here are the top most profitable crops in Palia. Try it.


  • Time to harvest: 12 days (4 times. 16 crops from each harvest time)
  • Selling Price: Regular – 64 Gold, Star Quality – 96 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 5 days
  • Selling Price: Regular – 45 Gold, Star Quality – 67 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 5 days
  • Selling Price: Regular – 45 Gold, Star Quality – 67 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 9 days
  • Selling Price: Regular – 39 Gold, Star Quality – 58 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 4 days
  • Selling Price: Regular – 33 Gold, Star Quality – 49 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 3 days
  • Selling Price: Regular – 27 Gold, Star Quality – 40 Gold


  • Time to harvest: 4 days (Can be harvested 4 times every two days)
  • Selling Price: Regular – 23 Gold, Star Quality – 34 Gold

Apart from that, you can increase the harvest of your crops. Here are some of the workable tips.

Be strategic when you make your layout: If you check the general store’s shopping list, each of every seed has a unique feature. For example, Carrots and onions can block weeds, cotton can boost the quality of other crops, potatoes, and tomatoes can hydrate other crops, and Rice and wheat can boost harvest amount. You need to be clever and creative to mix and match these crops for each other crops benefit.

Use Fertilizers to get the maximum benefits. There are HydroPro Fertilizers, QualityUp Fertilizers, SpeedyGro Fertilizers, and WeedBlock Fertilizers. You can simply buy it from the Gardening skill store. And there are some other methods to craft fertilizers.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are some best money-making crops in Palia. You can simply grow it as I said. However, if you bit creative, you can bosst your income. Try this method and be rich.